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What is Making Mumpreneurs?

Making Mumpreneurs in an online community designed to support and empower mums running their own business. It's not easy working on your own and surrounding yourself with like-minded entrepreneurs can have such a positive impact on your business, and your happiness as a solopreneur! 

In 2017 The Cocoon online members' club launched. This is the inner sanctum of Making Mumpreneurs, and a safe place for mumpreneurs to grow wings. The Cocoon combines all the benefits of networking from the comfort of your own sofa, with master classes, guest speakers, expert advice, business surgeries and continual support. If you find it difficult to get to face to face networking meetings and miss the comradery of working in a team, this club is designed for you. Find out more about this very special place here.

Making Mumpreneurs was founded by Erin Thomas Wong, a mother of two very lively little boys who lives in the UK, after recently returning from a year living the expat life in Abu Dhabi.​ 

Erin's Story

WMC GM 1409 2184low"I had a fast-paced career in Television Production on some of the UK's best-loved programmes. It involved working all hours and travelling away from home, and I loved it, but in 2008 my first son was born. At that moment, my priorities changed. I decided to leave TV and look for a better quality of life. I took a huge leap of faith and bought a franchise of Smallprint Fingerprint Jewellery, entering the whole new world of the self employed business owner.

Franchisee to Founder

I loved the freedom that working for myself allowed. Soon the entrepreneurial bug kicked in, and in 2010 whilst still running the franchise, I started creating my own company Pitter Patter - The Hub for Bubs. Working for yourself can be isolating but I was lucky enough to find a like minded business partner, Shelley Henderson, and together we created a network for other mums running their own businesses, Ealing Mums in Business, based in West London. We offered local business meetups, training and events. 

Recognised in Parliament 

In December 2014 we were recognised in The Houses of Parliament by our local MP, Angie Bray, for our efforts in supporting local businesses. It was wonderful to have recognition for the work we had been doing, and the praise didn't stop there, as we were also awarded a Mumpreneur UK Top 100 award in 2015 and appeared on London Live TV! We were on a roll!

A year in the Middle East

The very same year an offer to move to Abu Dhabi presented itself for my husband's job, which was exciting and daunting at the same time. We decided we couldn't miss the opportunity of living abroad, so made the move with our two young children in tow. If I am totally honest, it was one of the hardest things we have ever done. I felt a million miles away from the community of like minded mums I had built in West London. All my businesses had been very localised to London, and although moving to the Middle East was very challenging, it did undoubtedly broaden my horizons and open my eyes to the opportunity of creating a global business.  

Building a digital business

I threw myself in to studying more about digital marketing, which gave me something to focus on when the world around me felt very uncertain. I just couldn't get to grips with the expat lifestyle. It was during this time that I decided I would put all my learnings in to creating something I was truly passionate about - and Making Mumpreneurs was born. It would be an online community for mums anywhere in the world who were juggling business and family, and offer them the opportunity to feel part of a supportive network of mums in business. It was so exciting to launch it and reconnect easily with my network in the UK, whilst also connecting with new audiences in the UAE, America, Australia and Europe! 

Swapping the desert for a seaside life

After a year we decided that Abu Dhabi just wasn't right for us, and we made the difficult decision to return to the UK. We had already decided we were ready to leave London, so we made the move to Bournemouth to start a new life by the sea. We have truly embraced an entrepreneurial lifestyle, with my husband quitting the corporate life to run his own business too. We love living by the beach and are working hard to get the balance between work and family right. I jump out of bed to work on Making Mumpreneurs every morning, I absolutely love what I do.

Since returning to the UK I launched The Cocoon online members' club, which is an amazing environment where mums can learn, evolve and grow as small business owners. I'm very excited about what the future will hold!"


Want to hear more? Check out Erin's interview with the Parentpreneur Accelerator podcast about how her businesses first started



  • Pitter Patter
  • Venus Nominee 2017
  • Winner Mumpreneur 2015
  • Ealing Mums in Business
  • mandw finalist 2018 award logo

If you love hearing from experts and learning new skills, The Cocoon is for you!

The Cocoon

The Cocoon is the inner sanctum of Making Mumpreneurs, a close knit support network and highly engaged community. Myself and my team of resident experts are on hand to answer questions and help you on your entrepreneurial journey. Membership is available as a yearly or monthly subscription.


Find out more

  • When you start your own business, it is essential to learn from the successes and failures of others and share your experiences too to help others grow. The Cocoon is the PERFECT non-judgemental, non-competitive environment in which you can do just that. I was not born with an entrepreneurial spirit, I have had to learn it so from the get go I surrounded myself with others who have a burning desire to succeed with their own business and joined the Cocoon.

    I absolutely love the great support I get from Erin and the other ladies within the team. The different business backgrounds provide an invaluable source of new ideas and viewpoints. When you work from home with children, it's often very difficult to meet new people who are in a similar position, which is why the Cocoon is really enjoyable to be part of. I particularly enjoy the regular video masterclasses and the ability to meet new and interesting ladies who are all so passionate about their businesses. 

    Charlotte Lock, Bournemouth Wrap Girl

  • Erin’s set up quite a unique networking and support opportunity for businesses. I joined The Cocoon in March with the expectation of being part of a networking group that is supportive as well as ideas-generating and it’s been brilliant. My photography business doesn’t follow traditional hours and every week is different, as with lots of small businesses, so being a member of a networking group that is flexible is key. I simply cannot attend networking meeting which are a fixed days each week or month, so this enables me to join in, and learn lots from others - informally as well as formally through the brilliant masterclasses.

    The group is really friendly and offering of the right amount of advice when needed and the challenges that Erin has posed to us so far have been fantastic. I love having someone help focus me on things like marketing and goal-setting as these are jobs that slip down the priority list all too quickly when you work for yourself. I can thoroughly recommend joining The Cocoon, it’s a fantastic opportunity not to be missed. 

    Melanie Moss, Melanie Moss Photography

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