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The Cocoon

Will I be tied in to a contract?

No. If you choose the Monthly Membership you will be setting up a monthly subscription with PayPal. If you decide you no longer want to continue with your membership, you can cancel 72 hours before your next billing date (see Cancellation Policy below). When you join The Cocoon, you are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If you don't feel like you've received value and you decide you want to cancel any time within the next 30 days, just let us know and we'll send you a prompt refund. No hassles.

What type of businesses can join? ​

Any! We do not restrict the type of business, or the stage that you're at. Whether you're just starting out, a sole trader, limited company director, franchisee, network marketer or franchisor, there is huge value for you in The Cocoon.​ We are advocates for continual learning and development and will keep you up to date with the latest news and trends that you need to know about.

Do I have to be a mum to join? ​

No. The Cocoon has been designed with mums in mind, but all female entrepreneurs are very welcome. 

Does it matter if I am not UK based?

Not at all! This is a vibrant international community. The majority of topics are helpful for all businesses no matter where you live, for example we have how to film a professional video, how to use social media for business, mapping your customer user journey, how to increase your confidence etc. The time difference isn't a problem as all videos will be available after the event in the video library. ​ ​

Do you run face to face events at all? ​

The Mumpreneur Momentum Day events launched in 2018 and will cover Bournemouth and London to start with, but going forward I hope to host these special one day events across the UK and the world!

Where possible I host the occasional coffee meetup, but ultimately The Cocoon is an online community so the majority of our interactions are web based using software like Zoom video calls and Facebook Lives. 

The Cocoon Cancellation Policy

If you would like to discontinue your monthly membership, all you need to do is inform me 72 hours before your billing date and log in to your Paypal account and cancel the recurring payment. Once you have done that your account will be closed and you will not be charged for the following month. If you have any questions you can get in touch at hello@makingmumpreneurs.com
Price Promise: Your membership price will be locked in when you join, but if you cancel your membership and reactivate it at a later date you will lose your price promise guarantee. 

If you love hearing from experts and learning new skills, The Cocoon is for you!

The Cocoon

The Cocoon is the inner sanctum of Making Mumpreneurs, a close knit support network and highly engaged community. Myself and my team of resident experts are on hand to answer questions and help you on your entrepreneurial journey. Membership is available as a yearly or monthly subscription.


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  • The Cocoon was a vital support to me as I got ready to launch my business. Everyone is so supportive and keen to help, not just the panel members (who are great!) but all the members as well. There’s a real feeling of ‘sisterhood’ on there, with mutual encouragement and bags of useful advice and support. Through the Cocoon I was guided through the decision of whether to set up Amazing Futures as a limited company or as a Sole Trader.

    I also received crucial advice in setting up contracts and financial systems.I love the monthly training calls, have just enjoyed the PR masterclass and feel that it’s a very low cost way to keep up your knowledge and learning. It’s a cosy environment where you feel comfortable posting any sort of questions relating to your business. Highly recommended!

    Felicity Sandford, Amazing Futures Ltd

  • I joined The Cocoon because one of the things I've really struggled with since setting up my own business and working from home are the feelings of isolation. I am a really social creature and although I am loving being an entrepreneur there are just times that I'd like to chat to people and ask advice, especially from women in the same situation as me. Since joining I've loved the fact the environment is so supportive, Erin incredibly knowledgeable as are the resident experts. I now feel that I get the best of both worlds, I am able to enjoy all the things that are amazing about working for myself from home safe in the knowledge if I come up against a stumbling block I can ask the ladies in The Cocoon for help. I can't recommend it highly enough - join up as soon as you can!

    Tara Vachell, Krav Maga

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