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Want to promote your business?

Upgrade to a MMC Biz Membership

In addition to all the great benefits of being a member of our club, by upgrading you unlock the following benefits:
1. Boost your discoverability by posting your business in our Marketplace 
Our app has a Marketplace where you can place an advert for your products or services
2. Quarterly online networking call
Connect with other MM Club Biz members so you can network & collaborate on our quarterly video networking calls for our Biz members


Sign up using the form below. Once you have downloaded the app via Ugenie on ITunes or Google Play, you will be able to submit your Marketplace listing and photos. It will be live once it has been approved.

LAUNCH OFFER - Place an ad for 12 months for just £30!

For any questions contact Erin at hello@makingmumpreneurs.com

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If you love hearing from experts and learning new skills, The Cocoon is for you!

The Cocoon

The Cocoon is the inner sanctum of Making Mumpreneurs, a close knit support network and highly engaged community. Myself and my team of resident experts are on hand to answer questions and help you on your entrepreneurial journey. Membership is available as a yearly or monthly subscription.


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