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A guest post by Shanna Fujii of The Bloguettes

It’s safe to say moms are superheroes in disguise. When it comes to their families, they cook them breakfast, dress the little ones, chauffer kids to soccer and piano practice, put a piping hot setting of dinner on the table, kiss the kids goodnight, and somehow find the time to shower and put on a (semi) matching outfit during the day. Even though stay-at-home mamas think of their families as their pride and joy, these wonder women need something to call their own. Our suggestion? Blogging.

People will often say that moms should carve out some time for themselves whether it’s going to the gym or taking up a new skill, but blogging is one of those things where you can have time for yourself, reflect on the past, present, and future, and can choose to make money from it.

To all the wonderful mothers out there looking for a little “you” time, here are five ways (and reasons) as to why you should start a blog.
Shanna from The Bloguettes
Choose Your Content

When it comes to starting a blog, one of the first things you need to do is choose what type of content you want to produce. Do you want to start a personal mom blog that talks about the little things Suzie May did today? Or do you want a mom-food blog where you hone in on the healthy recipes busy moms can prep throughout the week? Maybe you want to skip the mom thing altogether and create content around some of your hobbies. Whether you decide to have a blog dedicated to fitness, fashion, lifestyle, photography, or a topic in between, make sure your blog content is based on something you enjoy. As time goes on, it’ll get harder to keep creating new content. Basing your blog on a subject you wholeheartedly are passionate about and can be inspired by will keep you constantly moving forward.

Create Your Name

Once you figure out your content, it’s time to decide on a name. Choosing a name is definitely one of the most fun parts, but isn’t exactly the easiest. Your blog name should simultaneously reflect your content and who you are. Grab a sheet of paper and physically write down buzz words you are attracted to and words that are associated with your content. Doing this is a great exercise because you are forced to sit down and think about your identity. Moms often think of themselves last which is why this activity is so helpful. You are able to sit down, think about what you enjoy, what kind of message you want to emit, and at the end of it, you get to see all the different facets of who you are as a whole, and not just as a mother.

Check Off Your Tech

The third step is where people have a tendency to stop. Because of technical terminology, setting up your blog can seem daunting, but rest assured, it’s not! Here are four terms you need to know in order to properly set up your blog:

Domain: Essentially, the domain is the name/URL of your blog. Once you create your blog name, check to see if that name is available on Whois.net. If it is available for purchase, you can buy that domain name off of GoDaddy or other platforms (see the definition and examples of platforms below).

Platform or Content Management System: Platforms are the systems you usually hear about. WordPress, Squarespace, Blogger, and Wix are some of the most common. These systems are where you ultimately upload and create all of your content. Depending on what platform you choose, you will have different options (free and paid) that will allow you to do a variety of things.

Template: After you choose your platform, you need to decide if you want to use a template (pre-made design) or hire a developer. Templates are pre-made layouts that you can customize to your liking. There are plenty of free and paid templates you can browse through. Some things to keep in mind: free templates are great if you need to save money and want to start right away, however, your customization options will be limited and your blog could potentially look similar to other blogs. Paid templates have a wide range of prices and usually offer more customization. If neither of those work for you, you can always hire a developer. Hiring a developer can be the pricier of all the options, but you can ultimately get exactly what you’re looking for.

Hosting: All that content on your platform (your blog posts, photos, videos…etc) needs to be stored somewhere on the internet. This is where hosting comes in. Hosting essentially acts as a “cloud” server. You don’t necessarily see your hosting anywhere, but know that it’s in the background vigorously working to keep your site functioning with speed and fluidity. Check your platform to see if there are any hosting options available!


After you’ve conquered the tech pieces, you’re ready to start! Decide on the visual elements of your blog (your logo, colors, fonts) and write up all the important content people see when they first enter your site (your About Me page, contact info, social media channels). After that, start brainstorming your content! We’re huge fans of keeping an editorial calendar and with a mother’s schedule, it’s a must! Try planning one month at a time and decide how many blog posts you want to post per week. Incorporate special events, holidays, and try to alternate your posts so the content is always diverse!


Once you’ve gotten into the swing of things and have built a solid following, you can start monetizing! Ads are one way to make money. Depending on your popularity, growth, and brand, you can reach out to companies to see if they are interested in having ads on your blog. Giving them the option to choose different sizes and price points allows your potential sponsor to explore various options instead of having one ultimatum. If you’re a fashion blogger, reaching out to companies to see if they would send you apparel in exchange for a sponsored blog post is another route you can take. Try looking into affiliate programs and networks where you can add links throughout your blog posts and make money if people click on your customized link and purchase an item. There are so many resources out there that can guide you on super specific ways and areas where you can make money from your blog—all you need to do is look!

Creating a blog may sound intimidating at first, but we’ve seen firsthand the mental (and financial!) benefits of blogging. Start off small and set realistic expectations and milestones. You never know what your blog may turn into and how much it can help you! Best of luck!

The Bloguettes provide comprehensive training and tools for elevating your digital presence in the entrepreneurial age. For more information check out their website.


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