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The Cocoon membership is the inner sanctum of Making Mumpreneurs, a safe place for you to learn, evolve & grow as a business owner.

Are you facing the dilemma of wanting to grow your business, but not having the money to invest in someone to help you? We want to empower you to take control by giving you access to the training you need, experts to help, and a supportive community of women just like you. The Cocoon is just £29 per month, that’s less than £1 per day, with no contract tying you in, so why not come and join us and see what difference it makes to your business?

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About Making Mumpreneurs


Have you started a business since having children? Do you need help and support but don’t know where to get it from? You're in the right place! Making Mumpreneurs is an online community supporting and empowering mums building businesses around family life.

In The Cocoon online members club you can receive practical help from experts who’ve been where you are and learned the lessons so you don’t have to. Our experts are on hand to share their wisdom and experience and answer your questions as and when they come up - we don't just do 9-5!

Running your own business is one of the most empowering experiences you will ever have, but it is not always easy, and it can often become overwhelming if you don't have the right support around you. We are here to help so join us now and feel supported on your entrepreneurial journey.

Want to join us?

Three ways you can get involved with Making Mumpreneurs



  • Combat feelings of isolation and overwhelm with tips, chat & inspiration in our Making Mumpreneurs Club Facebook page and email newsletter
  • Fight self-doubt with our blog posts & video interviews showing how other mums make it work
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  • Enhance your business and personal development skills with our monthly masterclasses.
  • Get expert advice on your business challenges from our panel of experts and regular Facebook Live surgeries.
  • Access training and help on demand via our Smartphone app.
  • Get support and accountability with Member Calls and via our Facebook group.
  • Practice new skills in the safety of The Cocoon.

£29 per month



All the benefits of Cocoon membership - masterclass training, expert advice, a supportive close knit community PLUS…

  • Keep the wind beneath your wings with a monthly 60 minute 1-1 mentoring session with Erin via Zoom.
  • Discuss your challenges & brainstorm the solutions.
  • Feel reassured & confident in your decisions.
  • Set goals & have some 1-1 accountability.

£109 per month

Contact Erin for a free call to discuss working together


If you love hearing from experts and learning new skills, The Cocoon is for you!

The Cocoon

The Cocoon is the inner sanctum of Making Mumpreneurs, a close knit support network and highly engaged community. Myself and my team of resident experts are on hand to answer questions and help you on your entrepreneurial journey. Membership is available as a yearly or monthly subscription.


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